Designer Perspectives

From the beginning, Game Design Workshop has been a book about teaching process and technique to those beginning the journey of becoming a game designer. Who better to give insight into that journey than those who are further along the path? Designer Perspectives are a collection of brief interviews with a range of design professionals, some extremely well known, and some just starting on their careers. The interviews focus on getting their start in the industry, how they design and prototype their games, their inspirations and favorite games, and advice they have for those starting out.

The interviews here were done for earlier editions, and while some have been updated, many of the beginning designers in the list have moved on to become established professionals. In moving them here to the website and updating the voices in the new edition I hope to expand the range of wisdom offered by designers across a broad spectrum of experience, focus and agenda.

Some of the designers included in the latest edition include: Christina Norman, Ketita Takahashi, Anna Anthropy, Randy Smith, Robin Hunicke, Michael John, Asher Vollmer, Elan Lee, Jane McGonigal, Tim LeTourneau, Jenova Chen, and more. I hope you enjoy both the new Designer Perspectives in the book and the ones available here.